Owned, built, and operated by husband and wife team Curtis Blogin and Ashley Margilyn. Curtis is from Southern California, and Ashley from South Carolina. We decided to create our own dream and build a bed and breakfast on what we consider the most beautiful and relaxing place on earth. We found Isla Mujeres, fell in love with the island, and began the unknown journey of ‘Honey, we’re moving to Mexico’!

We realized the need for adults to have a place to get away from their hectic schedule in a calm, relaxing environment. Our Mexican Caribbean home is just that. We’ve created a contrast of elements like you’ve never seen before. Come join us! Ask one of our guys to pop an ice cold cerveza for you, hop in the pool, and enjoy the experience of vacationing at your own laid back island home. Salud!

Curtis Blogin

B&B Owner
Makes the best breakfast on the island and knows his way around the bar.

Ashley Margilyn

B&B Owner
Amazing hostess, always working the room to make sure everyone’s stay is perfect.


Over the years, our little B&B has caught the media’s attention.

Villa La Bella is a dreamy vacation and very quiet.